Frequently Asked Questions

Is City & Suburban Home Care Services licensed and bonded?

Yes, City & Suburban Home Care Services is liscensed, bonded and insured.

How long has City & Suburban Home Care Services been in business?

City & Suburban Home Care Services has been in businees since 1995.

Can you meet the caregiver before signing an agreement?

Yes, we will schedule an interview. Then we will introduce you and your family to several caregivers before signing an agreement..

Do you find a replacement if your worker is ill or on vacation?

Yes, we will provide you with a temporary or a new caregiver if needed.

Do you accept Medicare?

No, we accept only private pay and some long term insurance policies.

What is a User Interface?

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How soon can a caregiver begin?

Generally, we can schedule several interviews within a day after contacting us. Once you have decided on a caregiver they can begin immediately.